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What you need to know about 2017-2020 freight marketplace trends

For decades now, the freight marketplace has been cyclical—with moments of calm leading to volatility, and back to calm. The past few years have been mostly volatile, and though many attempts have been made to address its many inefficiencies, nothing has come close to making an actual impact. So, what are the freight marketplace trends, and what can we learn from them?

Shippers: Get Your Freight Covered at a Budgeted Rate with a True Digital Freight Ecosystem

Digital Freight Networks are evolving from load-centric and transactional to a network-centric approach focused on creating and sharing value. Leading the charge is SemiCab, a Digital Freight Ecosystem.

SemiCab named 2020 Cool Vendor in Supply Chain by Gartner, Inc.

We are happy to announce that Gartner Inc. has recognized SemiCab as an April 2020 Cool Vendor in Supply Chain. Gartner states: Supply chain technology leaders should use this research to identify emerging vendors that can drive enhanced business value.

How Digitized Freight Platforms Can Help With Current Domestic Transportation Capacity Challenges

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the long-haul industry has been put to the test, day after day, hour after hour. And as we go into the next few months of this crisis, the challenges will continue to pile on. The main struggle? Historic fluctuations in supply and demand. As scary as that sounds, there are solutions. A recent report from Gartner recommends to “explore digitized freight platforms as a supplementary method to acquire capacity and get better freight insights.”

SemiCab—Digital Freight Ecosystem—Partners with Blue Yonder

SemiCab announces its partnership with Blue Yonder, where SemiCab will be providing freight capacity optimization on their Luminate Platform to help optimize the supply chain for shippers.

Waste in the Long-haul Trucking Industry and How Lean Thinking Can Help

The long-haul freight industry suffers from various forms of waste, making the entire system inefficient. In this post, we explore lean thinking and the role it can play in reducing waste and creating opportunity in the long-haul trucking industry.

Get Paid Faster: Top Tips for Speeding Up Freight Payment

No matter the size of your freight business, getting paid is a top priority. And yet, the typical freight payment process can take anywhere between 30 to 90 days, that’s just too long. Read on for our top tips for speeding up freight payment.

Freight tech solutions key to keeping truckers on the road during COVID-19 outbreak

There are countless things being done to keep shelves stocked, the population safe, and the economy moving during this COVID-19 crisis. With challenges presented by social distancing, health orders, travel restrictions, and a volatile market, the freight industry needs now more than ever to embrace freight tech solutions that will allow them to keep up with demand.

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