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Waste in the Long-haul Trucking Industry and How Lean Thinking Can Help

The long-haul freight industry suffers from various forms of waste, making the entire system inefficient. In this post, we explore lean thinking and the role it can play in reducing waste and creating opportunity in the long-haul trucking industry.

Get Paid Faster: Top Tips for Speeding Up Freight Payment

No matter the size of your freight business, getting paid is a top priority. And yet, the typical freight payment process can take anywhere between 30 to 90 days, that’s just too long. Read on for our top tips for speeding up freight payment.

Freight tech solutions key to keeping truckers on the road during COVID-19 outbreak

There are countless things being done to keep shelves stocked, the population safe, and the economy moving during this COVID-19 crisis. With challenges presented by social distancing, health orders, travel restrictions, and a volatile market, the freight industry needs now more than ever to embrace freight tech solutions that will allow them to keep up with demand.

What to consider when choosing a load board

There are countless things to consider when choosing a load board: cost, number of loads provided, real-time updates, and so much more. Check out our guide for choosing the best load board for your needs, and learn about how a load board is a key part of modern freight commerce facilitated by SemiCab, the digital freight ecosystem.

Solving the Loyalty Shortage in the Long-haul Trucking Industry

Due to a highly fragmented market, coupled with limited use of technology and lack of transparency, the creation of a mutually beneficial digital ecosystem for the long-haul trucking industry was not feasible in the past. But today, SemiCab’s revolutionary technology is changing that.

The Digital Economy is Bringing Value Sharing to the Long-haul Trucking Industry

The emergence of digital ecosystems, built on the core principle of facilitating economic activity through peer-to-peer networks, is quickly disrupting traditional business models. With increased connectivity and evolving customer expectations, it's important for businesses to reimagine their future in the context of this new digital economy. Read our blog to learn more about digital ecosystems and its potential impact on the trucking industry.

Get Paid for Every Mile - Only With SemiCab

Today, drivers are stuck doing a lot of extra math to see whether the money they will make on any trip will cover the cost of empty miles. It’s time for a change. Read on to see how the industry is coming together to disrupt the antiquated model that has plagued us for decades and ensure that drivers get paid for every mile driven - no more, no less.

Interesting Facts on Trucking

Trucking is the backbone of the U.S. economy. Here are some interesting facts about the freight ecosystem we are part of! Enjoy the infographic.

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