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Virtual Dedicated Capacity: Webinar Recap

Read on for key takeaways from our latest Webinar, Virtual Dedicated Capacity: The Antidote to Freight Capacity Volatility. We discussed dynamic pricing, dedicated fleets, and freight marketplace volatility, along with our solution to the issue: virtual dedicated capacity through SemiCab’s predictive optimization algorithm.

Everything you need to know about Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing has been a part of the freight marketplace for years, and yet, is it really beneficial? Let’s break down the concept of dynamic pricing and explore why all of us at SemiCab believe the current freight model is broken. It’s time for change.

How to Monetize Empty Backhaul Miles Through the Use of Collaborative Transportation Networks

Last month, SemiCab got together with industry experts Rajiv Saxena (Kenco Logistics) and ElMarie Hugo (Supply Chain Expert) to discuss the issues associated with empty backhaul miles, in particular with regard to private and dedicated fleets. We explored potential solutions, like how to monetize empty backhaul miles through the use of Collaborative Transportation Networks.

The Solution to Empty Backhaul Miles: Collaborative Digital Freight Platforms

Empty backhaul miles lead to lost revenue, unsafe conditions for drivers, and is unsustainable. We believe that Digital Freight Platforms are the solution to the issue, and that starts with community; with an equity-based ecosystem designed to ensure all participants benefit—SemiCab.

In-Depth Analysis: The Problem with Empty Backhaul Miles

Empty backhaul miles are expensive, wasteful, and a nuisance. Shippers who have a dedicated fleet or their own private fleet to take care of deliveries and pickups generally don't have a solution in place that is designed to find loads for the backhaul portion of the drive. Read on to learn how Collaborative Transportation Networks can help.

How to Avoid Running Your Private or Dedicated Fleet With Empty Miles

Shippers are increasingly relying on private and dedicated fleets, but empty backhaul miles present a major challenge. If you’re looking to eliminate empty on.

What you need to know about 2017-2020 freight marketplace trends

For decades now, the freight marketplace has been cyclical—with moments of calm leading to volatility, and back to calm. The past few years have been mostly volatile, and though many attempts have been made to address its many inefficiencies, nothing has come close to making an actual impact. So, what are the freight marketplace trends, and what can we learn from them?

Shippers: Get Your Freight Covered at a Budgeted Rate with a True Digital Freight Ecosystem

Digital Freight Networks are evolving from load-centric and transactional to a network-centric approach focused on creating and sharing value. Leading the charge is SemiCab, a Digital Freight Ecosystem.

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