Capacity when you need it

Achieve greater efficiency. Provide real-time visibility.

Brokers want easy to secure, cost-effective capacity. We get that, and we want that too. That’s why we built SemiCab, your digital freight marketplace. We’re here to be a one-stop shop for all your freight needs. By joining the SemiCab community, brokers gain access to reliable, predictable capacity. Your loads will automatically and immediately be accepted and your customers will have real-time visibility into their shipments, putting you ahead of your competition. Gone are the days of chasing down carriers—we’ll do that for you, so you can focus on your priority—growing your business.

We are SemiCab—your digital freight concierge.

Post Loads

By joining SemiCab, brokers don’t have to change their processes at all. In fact, post your loads as you always do, and we’ll use that information to get you capacity and cost savings.

Our digital freight marketplace ensures your loads are received and accepted without you having to lift a finger.

Accept Bids Automatically

SemiCab takes care of finding you the best carrier with capacity to accept your loads and vets all carriers to guarantee they meet DOT credential requirements. With SemiCab, you’ll gain time to focus on shippers and the ability to gain access to almost unlimited capacity.

Eliminate the most time-consuming part of your day with SemiCab’s hands-free load booking.

Keep Customers Informed

Through sms updates or a quick peek at the SemiCab web portal, you can track all loads once in transit, so your customers always know where they stand.

Carrier communications and pre-built ELD integrations provide real-time status updates.

Pay with Confidence

SemiCab captures all payment details when matching your loads and reminds drivers and carriers to submit PODs proactively. Once PODs are submitted, SemiCab automatically pays the carriers—simple as that.

Rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of getting carriers paid.

Book Freight with SemiCab—More Capacity. Less Hassle.

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