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As a carrier, no two days are ever the same and the pace never slows down. Our digital freight ecosystem is here to simplify your job. You want fully loaded miles, guaranteed minimums, lower risk and the ability to get your drivers home when they want to be there. We will help you with that and a lot more. Stop scrolling through multiple apps and find freight with ease; grow profits, and be paid for every mile your equipment is on the road.

We are SemiCab—your digital freight concierge.

Activate capacity

Get freight with ease. Dedicate all or part of your capacity to the SemiCab ecosystem and watch as we build you efficient trips and eliminate empty miles. Share the details on available trucks, drivers, and domiciles, and we will take it from there.

SemiCab provides pricing transparency and guaranteed use of capacity.

Receive assigned loads and manage dispatch

With your capacity and preferences in hand, SemiCab will match your equipment with available loads around the most efficient (and profitable) itinerary. Eliminate deadhead with our guaranteed roundtrips. With SemiCab, it is easy to get freight and manage all your loads and drivers from a single portal. Say sayonara to time spent scrolling through multiple apps!

SemiCab allows you to choose where and when your drivers start and end their trips, so they always return to their domicile on their terms.

Keep your customers in the know

Get your drivers on the road and relax! Enable your customers to get real-time geo-fencing-based alerts so they are always aware of pickup and delivery status. These alerts can be when the truck is 100 miles or 10 miles or 1 mile away, so their operations are ready for it. By fulfilling customer expectations, you will quickly become their first choice, making your customer relationships stronger and profitable. And, when it is all said and done, your drivers will be able to easily generate proof of delivery (POD) for any shipper asking for it.

Carrier communications and pre-built ELD integrations provide real-time and predicted equipment visibility.

Get paid pronto

Forget invoicing. SemiCab manages all details of your trips and pays you automatically. Yes, it is that easy.

SemiCab builds trust and stronger relationships between carriers and shippers by creating a transparent and equitable ecosystem that helps all members realize shared value.

Activate your Capacity with SemiCab—Shippers Pay Less. Carriers Make More.

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