Finally...a digital freight ecosystem where everyone wins.

We are SemiCab—your digital freight concierge. Our platform facilitates communication, enables collaboration, and brings transparency to the industry. By taking advantage of modern technology and advanced optimization techniques, we remove empty miles, generate new capacity, and share the value created across the ecosystem. The result? Shippers pay less and carriers and drivers make more.  

So, how does it work?

Pre-integrated to enterprise and spot demand

Enterprise demand and spot loads are brought together with real-time carrier capacity to create an aggregate view of demand and supply in the network.  

We leverage our integration with industry-leading TMS solutions and load boards to enable effortless participation in the ecosystem.

Predictive demand and supply optimization

The real-time and predictive demand from enterprise shippers and load boards is optimized with current and projected equipment availability to create fullly loaded complete trips and improve overall network efficiency.

Optimizing network demand with available supply of shipping capacity is the only way to enhance the efficiency of the network.

Real-time and responsive

Continuous evaluation of demand and supply combined with real-time updates on equipment availability allows our engine to react to changes and exceptions as they occur.

As loads get confirmed, canceled, and changed, and trucks move, SemiCab keeps optimizing for incremental efficiencies.

Equitable value distribution

SemiCab platform creates new value in the network by converting empty miles to loaded miles and distributes that value across all participants.

A digital freight ecosystem where everyone wins.

Move Freight with SemiCab—Shippers Pay Less. Carriers Make More.

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