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Better quality of life. Drive a schedule that works for you.

 A truck driver is one of the most difficult jobs around. Our digital freight ecosystem exists to make your job easier. You want lower risk, guaranteed minimums, a better quality of life, and the ability to work a schedule that gets you home to your family when you need to be there. We will help you with that and a lot more. Find freight with ease and get paid for every mile you drive.

We are SemiCab—your digital freight concierge.

Drive on your terms

Plan your driving around your schedule, not the other way around. With SemiCab, you enter the details on your truck, tell us where and when you want to start and end your trip, and we will assign loads that make it happen. You are in control, and better yet, you are paid for every mile you drive. Don’t ever think about needing loaded miles again, we are SemiCab—we will take care of it.

Customize every aspect of your schedule—join the SemiCab ecosystem.

Get on the road

With SemiCab, you will find freight, have better lifestyle, and earn more money with round trips that offer guaranteed minimums booked according to your terms. You will also worry less with a pre-built schedule designed around your HOS limits that guides you to truck stops, helps you find parking, and ensures that you take the breaks you need. That’s right, we are here to be sure you can focus on what you do—drive.

Our state-of-the-art predictive technology uses your preferences to set up efficient loads with attractive itineraries.

Build your customer relationships

Keep your eyes on the road and relax! SemiCab enables your customers to track their shipments in real-time and receive geo-fencing based alerts around their preferences so they are always aware of pickup and delivery status. You drive—we will communicate. By fulfilling customer expectations, you will quickly become their first choice, making your relationship stronger and profitable. If a customer requests proof of delivery (POD), we will make it easy to get signatures, take pictures, and upload everything needed into the system.

Using a pre-built integration with ELDs and geo-fencing technology, we will keep your customers informed every mile you are on the road.

Get paid pronto

Get paid when the job is done. SemiCab keeps track of details of your trips and automatically releases payments. No invoicing, no stress—just money in the bank!

SemiCab builds trust and stronger relationships between shippers, carriers and drivers by creating a transparent and equitable ecosystem that helps all members realize shared value.

Drive with SemiCab—Shippers Pay Less. Carriers Make More.

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