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SemiCab, a digital freight ecosystem, is here to facilitate communication, enable collaboration, and bring transparency to the freight industry. That means providing valuable information, starting with our relevant news and updates located below.

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Empty backhaul miles are a challenge the freight industry has always been tasked with. Watch our webinar, How to Monetize Empty Miles in a Private or Dedicated Fleet, to learn about the issue, hear industry experts discuss the challenges, and discover a solution we can all agree on—Collabrative Transportation Networks.

We're proud to announce that SemiCab has been delivering much-needed transparency to the long-haul freight industry since January 2020. As the year progresses, we've been able to double the size of our user network for three consecutive months. Learn all about our 2020 momentum.

How Digitized Freight Platforms and Other Transportation Technologies Can Help with Current Domestic Transportation Capacity Challenges - In its April 2020 report, Gartner advised supply chain technology leaders to explore digital freight networks and associated technologies to address current challenges and further disruptions to transportation that are caused by COVID-19. You can read more about the news on our blog.

Cool Vendors in Supply Chain - SemiCab is proud to announce our inclusion as a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s April 2020 Cool Vendors in Supply Chain report. The report profiles five emerging vendors that supply chain technology leaders should watch for their ability to drive enhanced business value. Learn more by viewing the press release or downloading a complimentary copy of the full report.

SemiCab and Blue Yonder Join Forces to offer Optimized Freight Capacity for Shippers on Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform - Blue Yonder and SemiCab to deliver capacity optimization capabilities to help shippers access freight capacity at lower costs while improving carrier relationships. Get the scoop.

| Resources |

The freight industry is inefficient and volatile, but we have the resources to change that. Read up on the challenges, our solution, and then join the movement. Let's change long-haul, together.

Understand what a Digital Freight Ecosystem truly is, and why shippers like you benefit from joining. Our Shipper Fact Sheet has all the details, check it out!

The highly fragmented long-haul trucking industry needs to connect around an ecosystem that unifies all elements of the shipping process. SemiCab offers that ecosystem, one that will eliminate empty miles, provide shippers and brokers with increased capacity and lower costs, and guarantee carriers and drivers greater profitability. To learn more about the future of trucking, check out our eBook.

If you’re a shipper, broker, carrier, or a driver, you’ve probably noticed that there are many changes taking place when it comes to managing your freight needs. With so many options, finding the right approach to freight partners for your business can be tough. Our marketplace overview offers a quick summary of options to consider when choosing a freight partner.

The SemiCab platform creates new value in the network by converting empty miles to loaded miles and distributes that value across all participants. We’re a digital freight ecosystem where everyone wins! Get the facts here.

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