We are here to support you when you need it most

Here is how we plan to help our community

These are uncertain times, but at SemiCab, we believe in the power of community and coming together to tackle challenges. That is why we are offering many FREE resources here.

For drivers and carriers, we are offering free access to thousands of available loads on our platform.

For brokers and shippers, we are providing the ability to post loads for free.

And for our entire community, we are offering open access to all our published resources so you can learn more about the industry on your own terms.

We are in this together – for the long haul.

We understand that as a carrier, these are tough times for you, full of uncertainty. We would like to offer our support by giving you free access to thousands of available loads.

RIGHT NOW, you can access thousands of loads for free on the SemiCab platform.

Register now and start locating you next load.

Brokers and shippers, we know finding capacity today can be challenging. We encourage you to enter available loads on our platform. We have hundreds of carriers looking for loads everyday, and we service all lanes and all equipment types.

RIGHT NOW, you can enter loads for free on the SemiCab platform.

Register now and start entering loads.

There are countless things being done to keep shelves stocked, the population safe, and the economy moving during this COVID-19 crisis. With challenges presented by social distancing, health orders, travel restrictions, and a volatile market, the freight industry needs now more than ever to embrace freight tech solutions that will allow them to keep up with demand.

Check out this blog post to learn more.

The highly fragmented long-haul trucking industry needs to connect around an ecosystem that unifies all elements of the shipping process. SemiCab offers that ecosystem, one that will eliminate empty miles, provide shippers and brokers with increased capacity and lower costs, and guarantee carriers and drivers greater profitability.

Download our eBook and read how the future of long-haul trucking has arrived.

Unless it’s “opposite day”, we can all agree that wasting time = wasting money. If we know you well (and trust us, we do), then we’re right to assume that you’re looking for a hassle-free way to find greater capacity at a lower cost. We invite you to learn more about our digital freight marketplace.

Take a look at our Freight Marketplace Overview.


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