A new kind of transportation technology

Here at SemiCab—we have been called digital disruptors, innovators, and rebels with a cause. But there is one label we are most proud to bear: partner.

Everything we do is about community.

We launched SemiCab to change an industry clouded by a lack of transparency. A situation that results in losses for all: shippers, carriers, drivers, and all the other partners in the transportation technology market, including you.

We invite you to explore our new approach to transportation technology and become a member of our Partner Program. We seek long-term partnerships based on a common vision of creating and sharing new economic value. Being part of our community will help grow your business.

We partner with Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Electronic Logging Device (ELD) providers, System Integrators (SI), load boards and technology leaders.

SemiCab monitors carrier compliance using authority, safety and insurance information from SaferWatch. ProMilesGPS InsightChainalyticsSonata Software


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