WEBINAR | Virtual Dedicated Capacity: The Antidote to Freight Capacity Volatility

Wednesday, December 9th, 2pm EST

In 2020, the long-haul trucking industry faced another year of unpredictable and volatile demand. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic presented peaks and valleys in shipping needs on the shipper side, and a difficulty to forecast demand on the carrier side.

Shippers are increasingly being forced to turn to the spot market for capacity – putting them at the mercy of dynamic pricing, while simultaneously not guaranteeing dependable access to reliable carriers who can deliver expected service levels. Fact is, dynamic pricing approaches aren’t serving shippers or carriers as they further accentuate feast-or-famine pendulum swings of demand and capacity supply. Today, both shippers and carriers need to redefine their criteria for success.

Shippers can no longer just focus on capturing savings through reduced rates – their key objective must be to secure reliable capacity at stable and predictable prices.

Carriers and 3PLs cannot continue to gamble on the spot market and dynamic pricing approaches – it makes it too difficult to keep their assets and drivers fully utilized, manage finances, and run a profitable business.

Attend this webinar for an overview of 2020 truckload (TL) market capacity trends and for insight into Virtual Dedicated Capacity – a new approach to navigating freight capacity volatility in one-way contract carriage.

Date: Wednesday, 12/9
Time: 2 PM EST

Presented by:
SemiCab—Recognized as an April 2020 Gartner Supply Chain Cool Vendor

Speakers include:
Chris Russell, Customer Success Executive, Blue Yonder
David Thomas, Global Supply Chain Network Design & Optimization, HP
ElMarie Hugo, Supply Chain Industry Strategist
Jagan Reddy, Co-Founder, SemiCab


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