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SemiCab’s Collaborative Transportation Platform recognized in Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards

SemiCab, as a Collaborative Transportation Platform, is creating long-term sustainability in the trucking industry.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, June 2, 2021 [] SemiCab, North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform, has been recognized by Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards for making transportation more efficient, sustainable, and equitable.

The awards honor products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society and the planet. The contest, now in its fifth year, has honored everything from large companies’ sustainability initiatives to clever consumer products to groundbreaking government policies. This year’s competition received more than 3,000 entries, an all-time record.

The companies recognized in the Transportation category focus on projects that get you places whether on two wheels or four in new, interesting, and fuel-efficient ways. According to the publication’s website, “The 34 winners and hundreds of other finalists—selected by Fast Company’s editors and reporters—represent the kind of innovative thinking that will help us channel the optimism and hope of this moment into a better future.” And a better future is what the SemiCab founders had in mind when they embarked on a journey to build a Collaborative Transportation Platform that would change transportation as we know it.

According to company founder, Ajesh Kapoor, “There are many problems in the world today. We’ve set our sights on bringing efficiencies to the trucking industry, an industry that’s been plagued by waste since the beginning. Our goal is to create $50 billion in new economic value and eliminate the addition of 30 million metric tons of CO2 to the environment by orchestrating a new kind of collaboration between shippers and carriers.”

SemiCab offers a cloud-based Collaborative Transportation Platform built to achieve the scalability required to predict and optimize millions of loads and hundreds of thousands of trucks. Whereas traditional and digital freight brokers are focused on market-price-based matching of individual point-to-point spot loads, SemiCab focuses on overall network efficiency. The platform’s pre-built integrations with TMS and ELD solutions deliver full visibility into supply and demand. From there, it utilizes AI/ML predictions and proprietary metaheuristic-based optimization models to build fully loaded round trips. With SemiCab, shippers always pay less and carriers make more. The company has created a freight marketplace where everyone, including the environment, wins.

We’re grateful to receive recognition from Fast Company, who understands the need to build a more sustainable future with network-wide collaboration.” Jagan Reddy, SemiCab Co-Founder

“With a Collaborative Transportation Platform, shippers and carriers are equal members. That’s how we build a more stable and efficient network, enabling fair pay for fair service. We’re grateful to receive recognition from Fast Company, who clearly understands the bigger picture: the need to create efficiencies in transportation to eliminate waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and build a more sustainable future.” says Jagan Reddy, SemiCab co-founder.

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SemiCab is a digital freight ecosystem built to help shippers, carriers, and brokers alike—that’s what makes SemiCab a Collaborative Transportation Platform. SemiCab facilitates communication, enables collaboration, and brings much-needed transparency to the long-haul freight industry. To create visibility, SemiCab uses real-time data from API-based load tendering and pre-built integrations with TMS and ELD partners. To build fully loaded round trips, SemiCab uses AI/ML predictions and proprietary optimization models. By taking advantage of modern technology and advanced optimization techniques, SemiCab creates efficient one-way capacity and increases the utilization of private and dedicated fleets. The result? Shippers pay less and carriers and drivers make more. To learn more visit:

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