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More capacity. Less cost.

It is simple. You have goals—our digital freight ecosystem will help you achieve them. You want more capacity, lower costs, stronger relationships with carriers and an easy way to book freight. We will help you with that and a lot more. Say goodbye to price volatility and endless searches for capacity.

We are SemiCab—your digital freight concierge.

Customize your preferences

Participate with ease. Set up your list of preferred carriers and what is important to you: lower freight costs, pick up and delivery windows, visibility. Tell us the type and frequency of alerts you would like to receive and how you would prefer to receive them.

Our pre-integration with industry leading TMS solutions makes your onboarding process effortless.

Book freight

Find capacity for all loads by sending tender requests or entering loads. Specify preferred pick up and delivery times, pricing or any other special needs, and our engine will identify a carrier match in moments. Since we only create matches using your preset parameters—there is no haggling to do!

Leave your capacity and budget worries behind, we will help you manage both.

Stay in the know

Submit your loads and relax! Track them in real-time and get geo-fencing-based alerts so you can prepare for pickups and deliveries. Get updates as you need them, when the truck is 100 miles or 10 miles or 1 mile away, so your facility and personnel are ready for it. And, when it is all said and done, you will receive proof of delivery (POD), so you can move on to your next ‘to do’.

Carrier communications and pre-built ELD integrations provide real-time status updates.

Pay painlessly

Get invoiced for the loads delivered, pay electronically, and rest easy knowing that we will take care of getting the carriers paid.

SemiCab builds trust and stronger relationships between shippers and carriers by creating a transparent and equitable ecosystem that helps all members realize shared value.

Book Freight with SemiCab—Shippers Pay Less. Carriers Make More.

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