These are uncertain times.
At SemiCab, we know we can achieve great things—together.
That is why we are offering FREE access to thousands of loads on our platform and other FREE resources. Click here to learn more.

SemiCab is now a Gartner 2020 Cool Vendor in Supply Chain. Get your copy.

SemiCab partners with Blue Yonder,
to provide freight capacity optimization on their Luminate Platform to help optimize supply chain for shippers. Get the scoop.

The long-haul trucking industry just got...

Totally Transparent
Completely Collaborative
Astonishingly Optimized
Sweeter for Shippers
Cooler for Carriers
Dynamite for Drivers
Better for the Planet
Good for All
Shippers, carriers, and drivers on the SemiCab platform are
effortlessly eliminating empty miles and sharing the value created.

The result?

Increased capacity and lower costs for one and reduced risk
and greater profitability for the others.
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Locate the capacity you need at a cost that will make you smile.


Get paid for every mile your equipment is on the road.


Achieve greater efficiency with instant access to capacity.


Earn more while working on your personalized schedule.


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