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Our mission

The freight market is fragmented and highly inefficient. 25-30% of the miles driven annually are empty, resulting in $100B of lost value. Optimization techniques have been applied for decades, but no one has been able to attain the holy grail of creating a platform that creates reliable and efficient capacity – until now. SemiCab enables Orchestrated Collaboration™  – meaning we enable the reduction of empty miles based on continuous insights into upcoming demands and available capacity, and our shippers and carriers don’t have to change a thing to benefit from collaborative opportunities.

Our approach

SemiCab is a cloud-based Collaborative Transportation Platform built to achieve the scalability required to predict and optimize millions of loads and hundreds of thousands of trucks. To orchestrate collaboration across shippers and carriers, we use real-time data from EDI and API integrations with TMS partners (like Blue Yonder and Oracle) and ELD providers. We then build fully loaded round trips, using AI/ML predictions and advanced optimization models.

Our difference

Most digital freight models talk about collaboration but don’t actually enable it. That’s where we come in. We orchestrate collaboration so you can continue with your day-to-day while our Collaborative Transportation Platform does the rest. SemiCab aggregates demand and supply across a multi-enterprise network and continuously creates collaboration opportunities for shippers and carriers to work together in order to eliminate empty miles, reduce waste, and increase overall network efficiencies. Shippers and carriers on our platform don’t have to change a thing to benefit from collaborative opportunities.

Our team

We are the guys who have always been good at math and had a knack for solving messy logistics problems. Today we have turned our attention to bringing new efficiencies to the trucking industry. Our goal is to create $50 billion in new economic value, eliminate the addition of 30 million metric tons of CO2 to the environment, and fundamentally transform the way the industry has operated for decades.

Our community

We are shippers who need reliable capacity at stable prices and lasting partnerships that don't require scrambling on a daily basis. We are carriers who need a predictable revenue stream and the ability to keep drivers happy, well-paid, and on the road. And, we are B2B technology and service providers dedicated to creating new economic value while doing what’s right for the environment.

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