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FreightWaves Live 2021 Wrap Up - Future of Freight

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that technology is key to survival, growth, and collaboration. Discover what the future of freight holds for us, based on our learnings from the May 2021 Virtual FreightWaves Live event.

Fast Company’s 2021 World Changing Ideas Awards: SemiCab’s Collaborative Transportation Platform receives recognition

Fast Company has recognized companies and organizations addressing the world’s most challenging problems through their World Changing Ideas Awards, and we’re thrilled to announce that SemiCab’s Collaborative Transportation Platform received recognition for tackling empty miles and creating long-term sustainability in the trucking industry.

Transportation Rates are Skyrocketing. What Does That Mean for Trucking Capacity in 2021?

Trucking rates are skyrocketing and trucking capacity is tight. That’s right, we’re in recovery mode. As we navigate this continued volatility in freight, one thing we can all but guarantee is that trucking capacity will remain tight throughout Q2, possibly even into Q3. What does FreightWaves Research predict? Find out.

Need Reliable Capacity? Try Collaborative Transportation!

With all the capacity issues currently plaguing the freight industry—we’re in need of a change. The answer? Collaborative transportation. See how SemiCab is making that possible in this Q&A with SemiCab’s Founder and CEO, Ajesh Kapoor.

Putting an End to Empty Miles

There are two terms no logistics professional likes to hear: empty miles and volatility. There is a new-found reckoning in the industry that technology may be the answer to solving both issues. That’s why we spoke to SemiCab’s Chief Product Officer, Vivek Sehgal, to understand how technology will play a role in addressing the industry’s biggest challenges.

The Freight Industry and the role of Collaborative Transportation Platforms

The freight industry is fraught with a number of challenges and inefficiencies. SemiCab, as a Collaborative Transportation Platform, was created to foster a collaborative spirit within the freight industry. To gain a better understanding of where we are at and where we are headed, we sat down with members of the SemiCab team to discuss how we can collectively become more efficient, stable, and wholly collaborative.

How Much Do You Know About Shipping Fresh Produce?

Shipping fresh produce takes coordination, meticulous communication, and a whole lot of planning. From temperature requirements to strict scheduling, there’s a lot to consider. So, what does it take to ship fresh produce?

A Summary of FreightWaves’ 2021 Trucking Carrier Outlook White Paper

Experts in every industry are attempting to plan and predict what we can expect for 2021. FreightWaves, The leading provider of trucking news, media, and analytics, recently released a white paper that we found extremely handy. Check out our summary of their predictions, and let’s face 2021 with these learnings as our guide.

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