August 10, 2021

SemiCab, North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform, strengthens infrastructure with the appointment of a new advisory board member: Guy Primus!

2021 has been full of exciting success at SemiCab: over 500 carriers on our platform, new partnerships with a large retailer, distributor, and consumer brand, and the launch of a new website. But by far, one of the most exciting achievements of the year is the appointment of our new advisory board member, interactive media expert, Guy Primus.

Primus brings over 20 years of experience in the areas of product and business development, strategic planning, and negotiation. His passion for leveraging technology to connect people to the things that enhance their lives aligns well with SemiCab’s mission to deliver a Collaborative Transportation Platform that eliminates empty miles, reduces the nation’s carbon footprint, and creates new economic value across the transportation network.

Primus is a patent-holding inventor with a 20-year career in the tech industry that includes leadership roles with Microsoft, Starbucks, Overbrook Entertainment, and the Virtual Reality Company. He started his career as a logistics consultant, advising industry titans including FedEx, UPS, and Waste Management. He is currently the CEO at Valence Community, a platform dedicated to creating new paths to success for Black professionals. Primus is known for his strategic vision, creative solutions, and customer-focused approach which will make him a valuable advisor for SemiCab.

All of us are thrilled to expand our advisory board with a member who will bring immeasurable expertise and insight to our work. On top of wanting to bring industry-wide efficiencies to the freight space, we are hyper-focused on ensuring our board represents a variety of experts from different industries like technology, law, and supply chain, and Guy Primus is no exception.

If you want to know more about Guy, check out his LinkedIn page. And of course, if you want to learn more about SemiCab, explore our new website or set up a demo with Jagan, our Chief Community Officer, today.


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