SemiCab—Digital Freight Ecosystem—Partners with Blue Yonder

May 8, 2020
SemiCab announces its partnership with Blue Yonder, where SemiCab will be providing freight capacity optimization on their Luminate Platform to help optimize the supply chain for shippers.

All of us at SemiCab, a digital freight ecosystem, are excited to announce our partnership with Blue Yonder, effective 5/5/2020. Through this partnership, we will provide freight capacity optimization within Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform, to help optimize the supply chain for shippers and carriers alike. It is our intention to make this one of many steps we take to improve efficiency in the long-haul trucking industry.

How will the partnership work?

The freight capacity optimization solution, SemiCab’s digital freight ecosystem, can be accessed through Blue Yonder’s Luminate Platform. Powered by Microsoft Azure, the Luminate Platform combines rich internal and external data from across a customer’s digital supply chain assets to allow for smarter, more actionable artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-based business decisions. For shippers, this enables end-to-end visibility for seamless integration into a freight marketplace. The solution can be adopted by any existing Blue Yonder transportation management customers with the added benefit of frictionless onboarding. Specifically:

How will this impact long-haul freight?

This partnership will change the way the freight industry operates, allowing shippers to pay less and carriers to make more. The SemiCab and Blue Yonder partnership will:

The benefits of a Digital Freight Ecosystem

“The full truckload freight market is highly fragmented and massively inefficient with 25% or more of the miles driven annually being empty, resulting in $100 billion of lost value,” said Ajesh Kapoor, CEO and founder of SemiCab, “Our expanded partnership with Blue Yonder to offer a freight capacity optimization solution to customers, helps create transparency across the entire freight marketplace helping to drive efficiencies and profitability for shippers and carriers alike.” We’re changing the way the long-haul freight industry works, and we hope you’ll join us.

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