August 7, 2023

4 Ways Brokers Can Supercharge Their TMS

Existing TMS solutions provide a digital foundation for brokers to plan and run their business. Yet despite ongoing investments over the years, several gaps in functionality exist that continue to hinder the growth and overall health of truckload brokers.  

Typical TMS solutions enable brokers to handle and execute tenders day to day and may integrate into load boards or support RFP processes loosely, but much of the real work is still done in Excel. Operations teams are still relying heavily on manual tasks and processes to keep trucks moving. As a result, value-adding actions, such as attempting to create full trips, are similar to searching for a needle in a haystack.  

But what if technology actually made tasks that really matter, easier - right now? What if you could extend the scope of your TMS to automate and digitize your operations back-office to track and actually reduce touches per load? What if you could leverage AI to predict and identify loads that fit your ideal template for continuous moves or full trips? And what if you could use that same AI engine to analyze your capacity network across markets, and use that to your advantage not just in strategic planning but in the bidding process to improve likelihood of success?

Introducing SemiCab: a digital freight network and cloud solution provider that is built to extend the power of your TMS and address the gaps that matter most to today’s brokers. Looking to transform your brokerage business into a data-driven tech leader without spending a six-figure budget? SemiCab is an easy-to-use transportation network platform that enables brokers to get ahead by:

  1. Leveraging a single system to manage their business: from daily operations and tender acceptance, to long term planning and revenue growth
  1. Automating back-end processes and documents (POD, invoicing, etc) to generate efficiency and enable scale
  1. Creating more full trips and keeping trucks moving via AI and seamless integration to load boards
  1. Conducting pre-bid analysis to improve RFP and performance

We’ve spent the last two years not just developing this solution set but using it daily. The results speak for themselves:

  • Lower costs & improved margins by 10-25%
  • Reduced touches & operations effort by 20-40%
  • Improved margins (via pre-bid analysis) by 5-8%
  • Handle 40% more business volume without adding any resources

Click here to schedule an exploratory call with SemiCab and find out how you can expand your TMS system to impact what matters most to your brokerage business.  


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