June 22, 2021

Shippers: Get Your Freight Covered at a Budgeted Rate with a True Digital Freight Ecosystem

Shippers all over the country agree: the freight industry is fraught with waste and inefficiencies, confirming the need for a reliable digital freight network. Volatility is the name of the game. While one shipper is concerned with constantly fluctuating prices, another is dealing with lack of capacity, and a third is struggling with carrier relationships. For many (if not all) shippers, these issues are always in play, adding stress and uncertainty to their day-to-day, whether there’s a pandemic or not.

We’ve all read the headlines, heard the stories, and experienced the pain ourselves. But there is good news! In the midst of the chaos created by those inefficiencies, is an opportunity to change the status quo, to truly make a difference. With the adoption of digital freight networks, specifically, SemiCab, we can create a better long-haul transportation network.

What is a digital freight network?

According to Gartner Inc., a digital freight network is an open, fully connected freight marketplace that uses machine learning, automation, and other software services to efficiently connect shippers and carriers. For the past five years or so, these digital freight networks have traditionally operated in one of two ways:

However, neither of these models addresses the larger issue at hand: empty miles. In fact, one can argue the first and second generation of digital freight networks do nothing to address the issue of empty miles. As Ajesh Kapoor, SemiCab’s founder and CEO says, “Dynamic pricing is a shipper-oriented process that doesn’t have an impact on empty miles. I don’t believe dynamic pricing will become the norm because of the challenge that non-binding contracts present. Shippers don’t know if carriers are really going to provide equipment, nor do carriers know if shippers will provide the loads. There’s a complete lack of trust and collaboration.” And that’s the biggest piece of the puzzle—trust. In an industry where everyone is out for themselves, it’s difficult to create real change. That’s where SemiCab comes in—the next generation in digital freight.

SemiCab—The Future of Freight

SemiCab is a fully optimized digital freight ecosystem where shippers and carriers are equal members. We’re paving the way to a more stable and efficient network where shippers pay less and carriers make more. We do this by using the latest technology paired with advanced optimization techniques to facilitate communication, enable collaboration, and most importantly, bring transparency to the freight industry.

This is how we can achieve our goals of removing empty miles, thus generating new capacity, allowing us to share the value created across the ecosystem. We believe that a unified platform where carriers, shippers, and brokers work together is what is needed to disrupt the long-haul system, so we can all win.

So, what do you get with SemiCab?

SemiCab—Your Digital Freight Ecosystem

Shippers—it’s time for real change in the freight industry, and SemiCab is leading the charge. Become part of our Digital Freight Ecosystem, and let’s work together towards guaranteed capacity, dependable stability, and growing community.

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