July 26, 2023

small trucking carriers can leverage technology to compete without breaking the bank

The trucking industry is no stranger to challenges, with demand uncertainty, volatile rates, and demanding shippers posing obstacles for carriers of all sizes. For years we’ve been told that a digital transformation and new technology are going to upend the traditional way of business in the transportation industry. But there’s an important piece that’s been long overlooked by all these technology solutions. Of the 1 million trucking carriers in the US, more than 90% have fleets smaller than 20 trucks. These small carriers are the heart and soul of the industry, but current overbuilt and overpriced transportation management systems (TMS) are not built for them.

But business continues to evolve and expectations from shippers continue to expand. Without the massive budgets of major carriers, smaller carriers have been forced to wander down the technology path alone, building out their own processes and systems. As a result, company leadership/ownership are often overstretching their resources and budgets to help remain competitive. While most have found a way to stitch together emails and spreadsheets to create a homegrown solution, without the technological backing utilized by larger carriers, smaller carriers are at a disadvantage and struggle to thrive and grow.

But in the world of rapid innovation and AI that we live in today, there’s no reason that a lightweight, affordable, and easy to deploy TMS - built specifically for the mom-and-pop carriers – shouldn’t be readily available. Why shouldn’t smaller carriers have tools to punch back with enough tech and automation to support their long-term growth initiatives?

The good news is that help is on the way. Semicab has developed an affordable solution to help smaller carriers leverage technology through these 3 steps:

·       Standardize Dispatch Documentation for Streamlined Operations

·       Digitize Workflow and Processes to Boost Efficiency

·       Collaborate and Execute in Real-Time for Improved Results

SemiCab enables smaller carriers to apply innovative technology that fits their size and budget. Picture an easy to deploy solution that can:

-        Automate dispatch processes to eliminate manual emails and spreadsheets

-        Integrate seamlessly into load boards to fill empty backhauls and keep trucks moving

-        Manage and track tender acceptance, scheduling and driver assignment

-        Monitor loads in-transit

-        Automate documentation delivery: BOL, POD, invoice

-        Empower drivers with an easy-to-use app to collaborate and upload/view documentation, and provide live in-transit data

The trucking industry is evolving rapidly, and technology adoption is becoming crucial for carriers to stay competitive. Small carriers can no longer afford to be left behind. By standardizing processes, digitizing workflows, and collaborating in real-time, they can overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities. With innovative solutions like SemiCab tailored to their needs, small carriers can embrace technology without overwhelming their staff or budget. Click here to take the first step toward a tech-enabled future by scheduling an exploratory call with SemiCab today. Together, we'll pave the way for your business's success in the ever-changing trucking landscape.


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