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SemiCab Inc. announces inauguration of its Transportation Revolution United (TRU) Consortium during Manifest Vegas 2023

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“At SemiCab, we are disrupting the long-haul trucking industry with our collaborative transportation platform”

ATLANTA, GA — February 06, 2023 —SemiCab Inc, North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform, announced during Manifest Vegas 2023, the inauguration of the Transportation Revolution United (TRU) Consortium. Assembled by SemiCab, TRU is a collective of forward-thinking transportation leaders dedicated to changing the status quo. As strategic doers and thinkers from different vertical industries, members of TRU will roll up their sleeves in interactive sessions to address the all-too-common challenges we face daily while exploring new ways of collaborating together. As The Global Community for Logistics and Supply Chain Tech, Manifest Vegas 2023, proved the best time and place for announcing this exciting news.

From port congestion to skyrocketing fuel costs, and a slew of other unprecedented scenarios, disruptions continue to cause volatility in the transportation sector. And while many have tried to address these issues in the past, the transportation industry continues to be fraught with inefficiencies. But that’s all about to change with TRU.

Over 20 global brands have joined, representing over $10B of annual freight spend servicing large retailers including Amazon, Tractor Supply, Walmart, and others. As more leaders in the space join, the entire transportation sector will benefit from innovation spearheaded by leaders who live and breathe the transportation industry and understand it to its core, like the attendees of Manifest Vegas 2023. SemiCab is thrilled with what TRU promises to deliver and invites you along for the ride.

We all agree that the transportation industry needs to change radically to garner better results. I’m eager to see what this crew of innovators from across the globe come up with by working together,” said SemiCab CEO and founder, Ajesh Kapoor.

If you’re dedicated to seeing real change in the transportation industry, then join TRU. Together, we can bring about the change we’ve all been looking for. Message or for more details.

“Our goal has always been to improve efficiencies within the supply chain for the benefit of all. This recognition is another indication we’re headed in the right direction.”
-Ajesh Kapoor, Co-Founder of SemiCab

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SemiCab is a cloud-based Collaborative Transportation Platform built to achieve the scalability required to predict and optimize millions of loads and hundreds of thousands of trucks. To orchestrate collaboration across shippers and carriers, SemiCab uses real-time data from API-based load tendering and pre-built integrations with TMS and ELD partners. To build fully loaded round trips, SemiCab uses AI/ML predictions and advanced optimization models. On the SemiCab platform, shippers pay less and carriers make more while not having to change a thing. To learn more visit: