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SemiCab, Wraps Up Another Year with Record Community Growth

SemiCab, a Collaborative Transportation Platform, continues to reimagine transportation by eliminating empty miles for shippers and carriers alike.

ATLANTA, GA – January 18, 2022 (PRWEB)– SemiCab, North America’s only Collaborative Transportation Platform, today announced another year of record growth that included increased community engagement, revenue growth, and industry recognition for enhancing sustainability in the transportation space.

Despite a year of massive supply chain disruptions, SemiCab saw platform usage increase by 400 percent. The addition of several blue chip customers meant new opportunities for the 1000+ carriers now registered on the platform. With volatility in the freight industry expected to continue throughout 2022, and more and more shippers looking for ways to reduce waste and augment capacity as needed, SemiCab is bracing for continued growth.

“The pandemic shone light on a long-standing problem, volatility in the transportation space, and the need to address it once and for all with long-term sustainable solutions,” said Ajesh Kapoor, Co-Founder of SemiCab. “Capacity will definitely remain tight well into 2022, and we cannot wait on adding more trucks and drivers to address the current challenges. We have to focus on collaboration and find ways to utilize the resources we have more efficiently.”

In 2021, SemiCab:

““The past year brought us a lot of what we expected – volatility, extra cost, and labor shortages – and demonstrated that collaboration is the only way to navigate these challenges. We are excited to see our community growing and thriving with a new way of doing business and look forward to a strong year ahead.”

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SemiCab is a cloud-based Collaborative Transportation Platform built to facilitate communication, enable collaboration, and bring much-needed efficiency to the long-haul freight industry. To orchestrate collaboration across shippers and carriers, our platform uses real-time data from API-based load tendering and pre-built integrations with TMS and ELD partners. To build fully loaded round trips, the platform uses AI/ML predictions and proprietary optimization models. As a result, empty miles are stripped from the network meaning shippers pay less,  carriers and drivers make more, and the environment wins. To learn more visit:

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